Glam University - Business Coaching For Women

What Is Glam University?

Glam University is about all things girls & coins.

Founded by award-winning business coach, strategist, and business owner Sabrina Peterson, GlamU is the one-stop shop for the modern female boss.
With a sustainable and no-nonsense approach to business and financial development, Peterson has helped hundreds of women discover their true power and gain freedom over all aspects of their lives through career development, small business coaching, as well as credit and financial coaching. 



Glam University is where determined women find their calling, resulting from hands-on experience with one of the most successful business creators in Atlanta. As Sabrina coaches you through your journey, she values transparency and encourages diligence and the use of literature as a primary tool in getting ahead.


When you become a part of Glam University, you are signing up for a raw and unfiltered experience. You will have no choice but to reach your full potential through the comprehension of the basic principles of Glam University.


To become a student, you do not have to have everything figured out, but you must be equipped with the desire to learn more, do more, and be more.

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