Get Focused Energy Blend

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    • Increases energy
    • Improves memory
    • Increases physical endurance
    • Improves blood flow and circulation
    • Reduces stress
    • Burns fat

     Vitamin A: Works as an antioxidant to help fight cell damage. Helpful in the normal maintenance of the eyes, heart, lungs, kidneys, and other vital organs

    ·       Vitamin C: Aids in formation of collagen and maintenance of the immune system

    ·       Vitamin D: Plays a role in the regulation of calcium to help promote and maintain healthy bones

    ·       Vitamin E:  Helps reduce free radical damage and slows the aging process of cells

    ·       Vitamin B1: Helps boost energy production, enhancing memory, and helping the body to combat stress

    ·       Vitamin B2: Helps the body break down carbs, proteins and fats to produce energy

    ·       Vitamin B3: Improves mental health and can help with the treatment of mood disorders, depression, and anxiety

    ·       Vitamin B6: Improves cognitive function while boosting serotonin levels to increase the production of “happy hormones”

    ·       Folic Acid Pure: Helps treat high blood pressure while helping the body produce and maintain new cells. Can help treat symptoms of anemia.

    ·       Biotin 1%: Supports enzymes involved in energy production. Promotes healthy nails, skins, and hair

    ·       Vitamin B5: Regulates hormones to keep the mind calm. Helps the body retain good fats and removes excessive fats from the body to help keep blood vessel cholesterol free while promoting an active metabolism

    ·       Calcium: Helps maintain a normal bodyweight and balances the body’s pH, Can help tame symptoms of PMS

    ·       Magnesium: Encourages enzyme activation to increase energy in the cells while also helping in the production of collagen for more youthful looking skin

    ·       Zinc: A powerful antioxidant that increases immunity and helps fight colds, and can even help increase fertility.

    ·       Selenium: Helps in the prevention of mental decline, and has been associated with a lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease

    ·       Copper: Helps the body form collagen, absorb iron, and helps in energy production

    ·       Manganese: Crucial in promoting good bone health. Boost the body’s metabolism while helping in the absorption of other vitamins

    ·       Chromium: Helps to regulate blood sugar and can prevent diabetes while aiding insulin transport into the cells where it can be used for energy.

    ·       Molybdenum: Helps improve circulation to regulate cell growth and protects blood vessels from injury

    ·       Potassium: An electrolyte that has been shown to reduce risk of mortality by 20%. Linked to lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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