You Can't have my energy: 4 ways to release energy suckers

You Can't have my energy: 4 ways to release energy suckers

By Tiffany Nicol’e

IG: @galaxiquest17

During our journey of becoming more connected with our journey and her every day life it may seem that sometimes negative energy and people still manifest their ways into our presence. The shocking truth is that sometimes the one that you pour your heart to is the one that is sucking away all of your spiritual greatness. So ladies ask yourself this is he sucking away all of your positive energy is he your energy vampire? We never think that the one we love or at least really like a lot would ever put any negativity on our goals and dreams that we share. But my mother always told me to be careful who you speak your dreams and goals to because it’s not meant for everyone even those that you lay next to you. One would think that your significant other would want you more than anything for you to succeed, be happy, flourish, and to prosper. The reality is that even the ones that you lay with really don’t want you to succeed. So here are some tips to help manage these vampire:


  1. When you talk about your dreams and goals does he dismisses what you say or does he encourage you to do better and help you stay on top of your tasks?
  2. When you know you’re slipping and you don’t want to admit it does your significant other make sure you stay on track regardless of what you have going on? If they don’t then that means they aren’t elevating you forward they want you to be stagnant and complacency does not exist in our spiritual room.
  3. Does he have goals and dreams? If your significant other doesn’t know his purpose in life or has no vision for anything then most likely he’ll never be able to be there to help you with yours. The lost can’t lead those with sight.
  4. Lastly have a good look in the mirror and then really ask yourself is this person ready to come along on your journey? If you have to question yourself then maybe that person isn’t ready for your journey which is why you may not be taking those steps and making those moves. Their energy vampires made to suck all the life out of you.

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