Wanna learn how to meditate? Here's a Guide to gain Mental Clarity today

Wanna learn how to meditate? Here's a Guide to gain Mental Clarity today

By Tiffany Nicol’e


To be honest my knowledge of meditation was minimal like most people I know. I grew up going religious and was introduced to the power of prayer as I grew up. Sadly I was ignorant to the fact that prayer and meditation are the same thing or at least within same realm. I define meditation as the process of clarity. I was reintroduced to meditation once I met my current boyfriend while in college. He literally meditated every single day in the shower.  He would tell me how much it cleared his path and he found more direction in his purpose. Honestly you could get lost in his words once you opened your mind to vast depths of meditation. With the everyday hustle and bustle I promise it is as necessary as brushing your teeth or eating. Think about this when is the last time you actually stopped and took at least 5 minutes to close your eyes and calm your mind? Go ahead, think about it. We neglect to recharge ourselves daily but will effortlessly charge our phones, iPads, and other electronics so no matter what you have on your plate there is always time to meditate.


Here is a quick guide to increase your mental clarity in under 5 minutes.  Now if you’re like me you juggle a full time job, being full time grad student, being a mommy, a writer, an entrepreneur, a girlfriend, and whatever other title I transform into on a daily basis.  So as you see my time is nonexistent but yet I can still find time for some clarity.

Ideally it’s beneficial to meditate in the morning when you wake up. By the time my alarm goes off for the 5th time it’s 5:30 a.m. By this time I’ve calculated that I have at least 5 minutes to get my life. So I take those few minutes and do the following:

Breathe deeply through my nose and out my mouth. The key is control, if you can control your breathing you can control your life. The optimum point is to inhale the positive and blow out the negative.


Next visualization is the key. You must have a clear vision of your day i.e. your path. This is the time to figure out your mental to do list, goals, and tasks. A chaotic mind leads to an undetermined future. Personally, I visualize my future. I know my vision, my path, and my purpose so I make sure that my day centers around that particular aspect and all things that will work in my favor. As you continue to meditate everything becomes clearer.


Calmness. Please do not over think it. Just put yourself in a peaceful state of mind and let go. All it takes it 5 minutes and as you complete this daily try increasing it. You can check out several videos on YouTube that guide you through this process.


  • Great Info My Best Time Is In The Shower Quieting My Mind

  • I follow the Girl Gang. I love all that y’all do and stand for. Is it a fee that you have to pay to join?

    Betty Wright

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