This quick exercise helped me become a better writer

This quick exercise helped me become a better writer

By Tiffany Nicol’e

IG: @galaxiquest17

I’m a natural wordsmith. Well, in my opinion I am.

I didn’t realize this gift until I was older and realized how many people struggled to put their thoughts on paper fluidly. 

Because of this actualization, I created an activity I used with my students, to stimulate their minds and allow them to write down any and all thoughts that were lingering in their head.

I called it Wet Ink.

This was a time for them to not worry about typos, grammar, spelling, or sentence structure.  This assignment released so much from their minds and spirits that it propelled them into a new direction and a new attitude.

After my mother passed away the only way to try and relieve my grief was by writing my thoughts down in my private journal. I did this for months and months at a time and I didn’t realize it but it pulled me out of depression from losing my mother and also allowed me to find my purpose and align my goals. 

Writing allowed the inner to become the outer and connect myself with my subconscious thoughts. We all get to a point of mass chaos in our minds juggling parenthood, work, school, entrepreneurship, and life in general. We lose ourselves in our mind and lose sight of self.

This leads to anxiety, depression, weight loss, weight gain, skin problems, and whatever else can pop up. Releasing your mental anguish is the start to spiritual clarity and guidance.

Start by journaling every day, if you can make it happen twice-a-day even better. Keep a small journal that you can travel with and give yourself a few minutes to remove everything from your mind and place it on paper. Confront it and embrace it. All negative thoughts you write down, throw them away. Write down your goals, thoughts, path in life, and meditate on your positive words. 

‘’Take care of your inner, spiritual beauty. That will reflect in your face’’ – Dolores del Rio

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