The #1 Reason You Are Losing in Your Dreams

Posted by Alaina Curry

work ethic dream chasing

Just admit it. Dream chasing is way harder than it seems. In a world of pop-up entrepreneurs and overnight Instagram successes, it becomes easy to believe that the road to our biggest goals are free of obstacles. While the idea is nice, most people don't buckle up for the ride that the journey can bring. In fact, about 50% of businesses fail in five years.

So what separates the winners from the habitual losers in this game of success? Your work ethic. The level that you commit to your dreams will single-handely determine the longevity of your future. Before you truly become about this CEO life, here are some key habits you need to have:

Go Hard At Your Day Job

You have to start practicing what you preach before your business begins. Although it's hard to commit to someone else's dream, use your job as a classroom and learn everything you can. Go above and beyond on projects, always have a good attitude and even talk to the CEO or higher level management about ways you can improve your skills. Try to spend time with each department or position to learn roles of the company. Having the willingness to learn and be grateful for your position will build relationships, work ethic and the best preparation to attack your own dreams. 


Push Through Procrastination

Is your dream worth it to you? Developing a strong work ethic requires pushing through the times you just want to stay in bed and watch Insecure. Success waits for no one, so the time you waste is the time others will pass you by. Make sure to define your why behind your goals and make it so inspiring that you become driven when procrastination creeps up. Examine the times you start procrastinating and try to catch yourself before you slip. 

Oftentimes procrastination is a mask for fear of the unknown, failure or even succeeding. There are many ways to overcome this including the Pomodoro method - a technique that uses 25 minute work intervals to help you stay on task. 

Surround Yourself With Hustlers

Luckily for you, Glam University is filled with girl bosses that are glowing up their lives. When we surround ourselves with success, it automatically pushes our desire to work hard, faster and more efficient to reach our goals. Examine your crew and decide if they are helping you grow. If not, continue to plug into communities like Glam U to find your tribe. 

If you really want the dream life, you have to commit to putting in the work. That work pushes past the I don't feel like its and maybe tomorrows. That work ethic does whatever it takes to be better than the rest. We not trying to be second place. We are in a girl gang of #1's. You got it.