Self –Care and how to nourish your soul

Self –Care and how to nourish your soul

BY: Ebony Williams

IG: love_child84

As I sit and reflect the strangest feeling came over me the other day while I was with my son in his therapy session. The therapist asked “So Mom what do you do for self-care? I gave such a blank stare, and really didn’t know how to feel or what to even say. So, I simply answered nothing, and in that moment I realized I don’t take care of “ME” as I should.  It took that intimate meeting with my son’s therapist to realize I am not an afterthought, and I shouldn’t forget that.

So, ladies all that to say self –care is vital. Self-Care requires us to be self aware, present, and to be held accountable for what needs to shift, change, and grow in our lives. When, taken care of properly you learn a lot about self-trust, and self awareness. When working, taking care of the household, husband, and children we forget who we are and put our needs to the side. However, when continuing to live that way it can leave you feeling depleted, and lonely. It is up to you to make that change, learn to do things differently, and to free yourself.

You can’t keep looking outside yourself for things others can’t give you. Only you can validate your own happiness, and give yourself that internal and external love that we all silently seek deep down. When you begin to nurture your own source of love and joy, and wholeness life becomes that much sweeter and things will align and make sense for you.

 Self care is much more than manicures, pedicures, and a new hairstyle. Taking care of your well being is knowing when you need to tap in emotionally, and become self aware of how to be free, and unapologetically happy. So, continue to be the constant work in progress, and may you bloom in your evolution.

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