Poolside Paperbacks: The best books for chilling poolside

Poolside Paperbacks: The best books for chilling poolside
By Stephanie McCloud

IG: @stephtakesflight

The pools are starting to open and the weather has finally broken. So, make sure you add a few good reads to your cart.

Let me help you out with a few suggestions:

How to Walk Away by Katherine Center

This book is a beautifully written novel that gives you one of life’s greatest lessons, which is life is never going to be what you expect. The main character Margaret Jachosen is on track as many of us girl bosses are with everything going for her.  Dream Career, check; Man, check; life in order, check. This is some of us right now, our life is right on track towards that white picket fence, corner office, or  whatever you daydream about. Don’t get too comfortable, as did Margaret because in one day everything could change. Just as change brings bad, it also brings good. Read How to Walk Away and become brave and hopeful that everything will always have a better outcome than you think.

An American Marriage by Tayari Jones

This story is not a story about just marriage and prison but of our society’s current state and how incarceration affects all those around the person incardinated. This book takes you on a roll coaster of emotions. Just as in any ride, the first few dips are expected. Such as the main character, Roy, a black business man in the south, is arrested and sentenced to 12 years in prison. The second plunge is his wife Celestial, finds comfort in Andre the best friend of Roy’s while he is locked down. Is that ride or die, or til death do us part? Who’s to judge but you, the reader. The last few dips and dives hit your stomach unexpectedly and gives you the thrill of a lifetime, but in this case a very great well written read.

Well That Escalated Quickly by Franchesa Ramsey

A comical compilation of accounts from the life of the author Franchesa.  Franchesa Ramsey, who is known for her blogging on MTV’s Decoded and her viral YouTube video, “What White Girls Say…to Black Girls” has written a furiously funny guide to everything. This collection of personal essays give advice on dealing with internet trolls, communicating and debating, and even handling racism. She spins humor into many untouched topics that are sometimes taboo to talk about. Ramsey’s book is the perfect book to read a chapter, take a dip in the pool, read another chapter, laugh, take a sip of frozen Rosé, read another chapter, take a selfie, and repeat!

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