Palo Santo: Mystical Wood

Palo Santo: Mystical Wood

By Tiffany Nicol’e

IG: @galaxiquest17

Spiritual cleansing goes beyond what you may know about smudging sage, lighting candles, and cleansing of crystals. I recently came across another substance that not only cleanses your area as well as yourself. Palo Santo has been used for over 2,000 years and originated from a mystical South American tree that has been known to hold super powers. Palo Santo means ‘’holy wood’’ and with its mesmerizing scents of pine, mint, and lemon. Not only does purify you spiritually but it with the scent alone it provides a beautiful awakening of the senses.

Like its cousin white sage, Palo Santo does the following:

  1. Cleanses your energy
  2. Brings creativity, love, and bountiful fortune
  3. Helps raise vibrations during meditation
  4. Promotes physical healing by simmering the Palo Santo and consuming it as a tea.
  5. Removes negative energy and provides protection


Pair this fragrant stick with your daily meditation routine, before and after guest enter your space, or for a full body cleansing!

Clear that negativity sis!!!!

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