Now What? Tips to Help You Cope with Life After You Graduate

Now What? Tips to Help You Cope with Life After You Graduate

Written By: Ericka Smith

IG: @iam_erickasmith

Congratulations! After countless nights of studying, you finally got your degree. It’s a joyous time in your life. Friends and family are singing your praises and you feel like you’re on top of the world, right? Great. I want you to remember this feeling because unfortunately, it won’t last forever. Soon the attention will fade and you will have to think about the next step in your life, which is usually finding a job. For those of you who have already secured employment, that’s awesome. But for the ones who have a little work to do, buckle up your seatbelt because this is going to be a bumpy yet exciting ride.

Here are 3 quick tips to help you cope with life after college.

Tip 1: Don’t Let People Stress You Out

One of the hardest things you’ll have to deal with after you graduate is people repeatedly asking you, “Now what?” For many of you, that’s going to be a tough question to answer because you don’t have it all together yet. But don’t let that put a damper on your spirit. I’ve found that the best way to handle this situation is to be honest. Tell people you haven’t found a job yet and that you are still trying to get acquainted with life in the real world. If you don’t, the “now what” questions will get the best of you. You’re already dealing with the anxiety of not knowing your next move, and for people to continuously ask you about it is like picking at an open sore.

Tip 2: Don’t Be Lazy

Now is not the time to be lazy. If you want to be successful, you have to grind hard. I don’t care if you have to work at Walmart or Chipotle, just don’t sit at home all day because eventually you’ll get too comfortable. Stack your checks until you can figure out your next step, because nothing is worse than being broke, sad and lost. Finding a job in your field can be hard, but websites like will help you tremendously. Now, if you notice that you keep putting in applications and no one is reaching back out to you, it may be time to update your resume or hire a resume coach. You may have all the qualifications and skills in the world, but if that isn’t reflected on your resume, it really doesn’t matter.

Tip 3: Don’t Compare Yourself

Social media will really have you thinking that people have these grand lives with untold money in the bank and not a worry in the world. Don’t be confused by the hype. We all have our personal battles. I’ve had days when I didn’t have a dime in the bank or when I’ve had to ask for help. But guess what? Those times in life humbled me. You may have to endure more hardships than the next person. That’s just how life is - deal with it. Don’t pay more attention to others than you do yourself. Your peers will get amazing jobs. Clap for them. Don’t become jealous; instead, encourage them because your time is coming.

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