Are you Marrying for Love or Convenience?

Are you Marrying for Love or Convenience?

By Amber Green

IG: @ambie_Zoe

I have come to believe that in this new generation we are no longer marrying for love, but for convenience.  It's just not enough people entering marriages for the right reasons. I too am guilty of feeling this way as well. At the end of the day, love itself doesn't pay the bills. Many fail to realize what convenience in a relationship is. There are many different forms that a majority of people can relate to, so ask yourself do any of these apply to you?

Marrying a person who you have been with for years only because it seems to be the next thing to do

There are many men who choose to take the next step in their relationship due to it being the "right" thing to do. Not because it was the love of their life or soulmate, but only because of the time span in the relationship.

Security and stability

Generally speaking, more women can attest to being guilty of this. Choosing to marry someone because they know their significant other will have financial stability within the marriage, which I believe every marriage needs.

Combining incomes for a partnership 

A lot of people will settle in a relationship because they love the thought of two incomes being better than one. They’ll also do things such as open a business together and form a working relationship.


After a certain age, some people feel obligated to be married because society makes us feel if you are not married with kids after a certain age then something is wrong with you.

But honestly, is this enough? Will your marriage last solely based on convenience? What if you never fall in love?  Even though I believe some of these are great qualities needed for an ideal healthy marriage, without love, the bond will eventually break.

What happened to that TV or movie kind of love? What happened to connecting our souls internally? Love is what keeps you together when times get rough. Also, love builds families and not homes. Finally, love is what keeps you up at night staring at your soulmate. Don't fall for the new tricks and treats this generation has to offer. Find someone with the qualities you need but overall love to death.

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