Why you need to let God lead you to your next relationship

Why you need to let God lead you to your next relationship
By Ebony Williams


Imagine a man laser focused on God who only saw you because he heard God say, “That’s her.” Dating can be draining in this generation if you’re like myself, trying to remain true to yourself and demanding more from a partner than a “Netflix and chill” date. It is so vital to become one with God and allow your season to blossom. If you’re patient and allow Him, God will give you the love that your heart desires, but not without doing your part and presenting your best self in the dating process. Sometimes we date men who may not be ready for what we are looking for  and it seems like they are taking you for everything, leaving you empty and feeling depleted. For me, I discovered letting God in and allowing him to do the work, made my dating process smoother.

I get it sis. We all get lonely, or want that special person who we can cuddle with, but you can’t let the outside noise of a man who is not ready block your vision. God’s will is found in God’s word.

If you’re looking for a sign, stop and start looking for a bible verse.

If you are tired of not getting what you are looking for within a man, start a cleanse. Prayer and fasting is a key spiritual tool to get clear, and focused on what it is you want.

Ladies, I challenge you to read Tracey Steele’s book, The 30 Day Man Cleanse to learn how to get a fresh start, flushing the deadbeats out of your system and keeping your sanity while dating.  Men can interfere with your direct connection with God causing your attention to be redirected from Him, and can interrupt the peace in your life without even noticing. 

It is so easy to become focused and consumed with a man we are really interested in, and we tend to lose ourselves to the point where it causes disruption of what we know we want and deserve. We can become oblivious to the signs that God sends when dealing with someone that we really are interested in. What better reason than to take a season to pray for what God is trying to plant in your life?  Make a vow to yourself not to let anyone, especially a man that’s not good for you, affect your spiritual growth. Let God in and watch him work.

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