Is My Coach Scamming Me?

Posted by Alicia Williams

Photo Credit: The Fader

We are in a digital age where almost EVERYONE is a coach, or expert at something. It’s easy to get caught up in flashy photos, perfect flatlays, and hyped up photo likes, comments and reviews. But is the coach you’re paying giving you the best benefit for your money, or is it all a scam?

I wish I could tell you all the online places to beware of but that would take far too long and I’m not here to knock anyone’s hustle. But what I will say is don’t believe the hype and buyer beware! Here are a few things to consider and think about before continuing to dish out coins to “online coaches”.

Do They/Did they have a successful business apart from the services they are selling you?

If your coach is teaching you how to make X-amount of money in X- days by selling courses they just created, chances are you are getting caught in a loop. Oftentimes the courses you are paying for are teaching you basic organization skills, and basic tasks you can find on google-- with price tags that generate the high number income you are interested in trying to make. Sorry sis, you’re being duped. Think of it like this, “Learn how to make $5,000 dollars in 14-days by teaching a course in marketing!” The money generated is basically the money from you and people like you purchasing the course in the set amount of days it is on sale, and then you learn “marketing strategies” and keywords to use to do the same. If they are teaching you how to make X-amount of money that they made in x-amount of time, based solely on programs they are selling but they have never ran a business or don’t have the things they are showing you, it’s a scam. You are basically paying someone to show you how you can scam others the way they have scammed you. You should aim for a coach with a successful business making “xyz” figures prior to teaching others how to make “xyz” figures.


Do they have credentials, awards or accolades?

This one is tricky because there are some great entrepreneurs, and coaches that are low-key, efficient and the real deal who are undiscovered or haven’t won awards. You should beware of coaches who seem to have the popularity of being awarded awards from their peers in their own business circles. If you take a look at the big picture on a platform like Instagram, you can see that many of the people hosting and putting on events and sharing awards are giving them to their business friends or people they admire who they wish to connect with in the future. It’s a big game of pay to play and many of you are missing the clear signs!


Is the information they are providing something you can NOT find through google or research?

After taking courses, or having sessions with your coach do you feel like the information shared was innovative, and well thought through or was it something that has been taken from google, and translated into layman’s terms to help you digest and implement? There’s nothing wrong with it but if you slow down and implement research days into your schedule you can save A LOT of coins.

While this is just a brief insight to some things to think about before and while utilizing online coaches, there are many more red flags to look for.

What are some red-flags you’ve experienced with online coaching?