Is it time to hire a virtual assistant?

Posted by Alicia Williams

If you are just starting a business, or newly accumulating attention to it you may notice that the amount of time you have versus what you actually get done in that time is starting to change. You may have already started to become overwhelmed by the administrative tasks that you have to complete and you’re wondering when you can all get it done.

If some of these scenarios describe your day-to-day in your business and how you feel, it may be time to hire an assistant.

For many, time, resources and a budget in the beginning stages of a business are limited. Needing help and asking for it also can be difficult if you find yourself too prideful or unenthused about requesting assistance to organize and properly manage your business.

Fortunately, if you find that you are losing resources because you have spread yourself too thin, there are options to help get you out of the hole.

Look for assistants on Fiverr

The great thing about Fiverr is that it’s filled with a host of freelancers that can assist you with just about anything you need done with your business. Whether you’re looking for an assistant to assist with administrative work, or to help aid social media management and branding, it’s all available for just about any budget.

Get Ahead with Upwork

If you’re looking to be a freelancer, or hire one, Upwork is my favorite. While I typically use it to find graphic work, there are writers, copy editors, administrative assistants and many more who can work within a budget you propose.

If you’re on the overwhelmed side of business management, I strongly suggest you seek out available freelancers to complete the exhausting tasks for you. Whether it be creating sales pages, designing graphics or email and social media management, both platforms provide the opportunity for you to seek freelancers as well as become one.