How to self publish an e-book in 7 days (and collect quick coins)

Posted by Alicia Williams

You’ve got a book idea? Great. It’s time to turn it into reality.

Create an outline

If you start writing your book without an outline you may find yourself frustrated as the ideas, and thoughts you have won’t make the paper before they pass through your mind. Doing a brain dump is ideal, giving yourself time to write down all your ideas, topics, and sub-topics then fleshing out each topic in the pages to come.

Create a writing schedule

Writer’s block is REAL. For the first couple of weeks, spend time writing and paying attention to the hours you feel most creative and filled with ideas. After you find your peak creativity moments, create a schedule that allows you to write during those times. After you have created a schedule, create a FIRM deadline in which you will complete your book.


Writing consistently daily to complete your book is the best way to complete it. Writing little by little takes away the daunting feeling of completing the huge final product. Try to sit still, remove all distractions and stick to your writing schedule!

Get an Editor

Finding the perfect editor for your book can be difficult if you don’t know the tone you want your completed project to have. For many writers, you tend to write in your natural speaking voice, and it’s important to know who your audience is and to have an editor that can convey that. Using sites like Upwork and Fiverr are the best for locating editors within your budget.


After editing and using a freelance locator website to create a cover for your book, it’s time to publish! If you have a website, the best way to keep more of your money is to digitally publish and sell exclusively on your website. Sites like Amazon, and Kindle are best for authors with multiple book releases.