How To Deal With Envious Friends

How To Deal With Envious Friends

By: Lindsey Cotton

IG: @lindsey_monique_

Promotion, new job, new car, getting approved for the new house you have always dreamed of all occasions in which your circle should praise and celebrate with you. But what about that one friend or maybe two that never celebrate your accomplishments but instead sprinkle a little negativity into what should be a joyous occasion.

Envious friends are something all of us have had to deal with at one time or another. The friend that never has a positive anecdote to add or isn't happy for any of your accomplishments. How do you deal with that friend? Do you continue to be friends and overlook the jealousy? Or do you remove that person from your circle?

Negative Nancy can put a damper on any positive occasion, so how do you overlook her and continue to be friends if that is the avenue you choose?

Be ready for the negativity, and also be ready with a positive rebuttal if needed. Sometimes a jealous person just needs to be called out on the behavior, not in a nasty or malicious way, but in a 'I see your green side and let's put it in check' way. 

When you choose to rise above the jealous or envious friend also take the time to pray for them because it is obvious that something in there life is lacking, hence the jealousy. Rising above the situation and realizing not everyone will celebrate you is ok.

Celebrate with the ones who genuinely can share in your happiness.

Your circle should be filled with people that have the same goals and are striving for greatness. A group of women on their grind will never have time for jealousy towards one another. Anytime anyone in my circle accomplishes even the slightest accomplishment, we celebrate each other like we are the ones who made that goal. Because when a sister-friend succeeds we all succeed. No room for hating and pettiness in a true sister circle.

So if that green with envy friend cannot rise above and celebrate her fellow sister it may be time to limit the interaction and tighten up that circle. It's quality over quantity and if some need to be removed or not apart of every celebration then so be it. Celebrate the people that celebrate you!



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