Here’s How to Avoid Workplace Gossip 

Here’s How to Avoid Workplace Gossip 

Written By: Ericka Smith

IG: @iam_erickasmith

Many of us are guilty of gossiping at work even if we are subcounsiously doing so. It’s not hard to get caught up in stories about the latest scandals, rumours and showdowns in the workplace. While it may seem like an innoncent kiki, gossip can lead to big misunderstandings and create drama that will leave a negative impact on your company’s culture. Here are three ways to avoid gossip at work.

  1. Walk Away

One of the easiest ways to steer clear of workplace gossip is to simply walk away. You don’t have to make a grand exit or give a speech on why you don’t want to engage in the rumor mill, just excuse yourself. Go make some copies or buy a snack out the vending machine. These discreet actions will keep you out of the gossip ring and no one will notice. Sometimes we make things too complicated and feel llike we’re obligated to give people an explanation on why we don’t want to particiapate in something. It’s not necessary.

2. Change the Conversation

When you don’t feel like entertaining the latest scandals, change the conversation. For example, if your desk buddie is talking about your colleague Lisa getting written up for stealling time, politely acknowledge the situation then immediately start talking about your upcoming event at work or dinner plans. Checkout the example below:


Nessa (desk buddie): Girl, did you know that Lisa was stealing time?

You: That’s crazy. Nessa, do you think you can help me get donors for the 5k later this month?

It’s that simple. Deflect from the negative conversation and ask the gossiper to help you out.

3.  Set a “No Nonsense” Standard

There is a select group of people in almost every workplace who are left out of the gossip sessions because everyone knows that they don’t tolerate nonsense. They may not be the most popular at work, but at least they don’t have to be involved in the “he said, she said” drama. Setting the tone is very important. Furthermore, you won’t have to deal with people interrupting your work flow to bring drama to your desk because they know off the rip that you don’t have time for that.

These tips should keep you out the negative workplace chatter. Tell me how you avoid workplace gossip in the comment section!


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