Grown Woman Challenge: How to level up your entire existence

Grown Woman Challenge: How to level up your entire existence

By: Lindsey Cotton

Instagram: @lindsey_monique_

I am on my grown woman-ish…. how so ladies? I used to be the girl that always had a petty response. I used to be the girl that had a chip on her shoulder. I used to be the girl that carried so much sadness. I used to be the girl that never saw the light at the end of the tunnel. I used to be “that girl” who was tolerated but never celebrated. I had a funeral for that girl a year ago it was time for her to go she had overstayed her welcome. She was no longer tolerated, no longer acceptable, and no longer needed as a defense. To let her go was process that allowed growing into my grown woman ish!!

I sat back one day and looked at a situation and instead of responding I found myself putting the phone down chuckling and walking away. A situation that I normally would have entertained and wasted an afternoon on bantering back and forth. But something came over me that day and said, “Queens never come off your throne to address pheasants”. So I stayed on my throne. My throne… I refused to entertain nonsense. Refusal to go back and forth on something that was not worth spending time on. Yes I could have cut that person down with just one sentence but why? What would that have accomplished other than further arguing? Nothing so I refused to engage I stayed on my throne rocking my grown woman ish.

Then I had to deal with a situation with someone who I thought was my sister/friend a Day 1 as they are called but the knife was so far in my back it no longer hurt. I could have made this person feel the hurt I also felt but in growing into my grown woman I just put her in her proper place. She no longer has a seat at my table. She can no longer sit among the women at my table and partake in the greatness of which we are becoming. She will not benefit from grown women networking and growing because she is not ready. But being on my ish when she is ready I will be here. I am not my sisters keeper I am my sister. I won't turn my back on her as she grows but I won’t entertain nonsense and negativity. If you are not on a path of growth, building your wealth, and securing a future for your child/children I have to feed you with a long handled spoon. I only will surround myself with women who are focused on positivity and not negativity. Grown woman ish.

Its not her fault she wasn't ready for this level of friendship I used to be her. It takes growth. It takes looking at your life and wanting something better. I want to be the woman who walks in a room and she commands attention as the meeting is about her. I want to be the woman other women look to and say you know what she has it together. I want to be the woman that gives of herself to her sisters and shows them a different way of thinking.

Grown women are not petty. Grown women are not lead by the sadness they have encountered they use it to grow and build themselves into greatness. Grown women knock chips off there shoulders and gain broadness of shoulders to knock down doors. Grown women are the actual light at the end of the tunnel. We make our own light. We are celebrated!

Feed what feeds you. You become whom you associate with. Ladies join me on this grown woman ish. We have a world to conquer one sisterhood at a time.

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