Food, Spirituality, Sex, and Women: The Best Foursome of Your Life

Food, Spirituality, Sex, and Women: The Best Foursome of Your Life

By Tiffany Nicol’e

IG: @galaxiquest17

Unlike religion, spirituality is tied to our sexual being. I can remember growing up in a Pentecostal household and being reminded of the teachings bestowed upon me; no premarital sex, not being allowed to wear pants to church, and other ‘’rules’’ governed by them. Even though I stayed closely to my roots instilled upon me as a child I often wondered why the topic of sex or nutrition was not explored in connection with religion in a positive way. I didn’t know at the time that some of what I had been doing in my home directly tied to spirituality. I burned sage often and would use oil that was blessed to cover my home and workplace. After I met my boyfriend, who was more in tuned spiritually, I began to see how the deep and complex it was and how powerful the connection was to the female body, sex, and food.

The seven chakras is deemed to elevate oneself by focusing on specific parts of the body and their functions. So how does this relate to sex, food, and women? Easy. Our mind, body, and soul must be connected in order to move forward with any venture, whether it be personal or business. When we are not aligned or at least focused basic elements are thrown off. As you can see everything about us follows in unison with our energy, health, prosperity, and well-being.

If you study this picture or google more information on the chakras you can easily infer how important what you consume alters your conscious being. Being connected sexually allows you to fully embrace your partner and have a true, unmatched, euphoric experience. Dope. I know. As women we need to make sure that we are individually connected with ourselves by consuming the healthier foods to enhance our energy, taking time to meditate, and strengthen our chakras daily. Your body will thank you.

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