Creating Good Habits for your healthy living

Creating Good Habits for your healthy living

"Taking control of your habits, taking control of your life"

By Stephanie McCloud

IG: @stephtakesflight


It is said to take 21-days to create a habit. This goes for good or bad habits. The harder question is how many days does it take to break one? Similar to love, it’s far easier to fall in than to fall out, so don’t be mad when that morning meditation routine you were doing oh so well plummets after one day of waking up late and rushing to work.  Habits become habitual like brushing your teeth, or chewing your food. Others take time, dedication, and persistence.

So how do you create good habits?

You keep trying, that’s how.

That medium rare steak with bleu cheese crumbles is not the end all be all to your vegan quest!  The secret is to keep going. Start over. Do it again. Relapse and restart. Make your atmosphere conducive to your target. Make sure to align yourself with likeminded people. The gym has been on your to-do list for the last few months, then go and when you go be open to make a new friend there. You have always wanted to go back to school but don’t have people around you that thinks education is valuable. Go around individuals that are in school or went to school. Even ask one of them to be your accountability buddy. Remember this famous quote when taking control with your life.

"Watch your thoughts

They become words

Watch your words,

They become actions

Watch your actions

They become habits

Watch your habits

They become character

Watch your character

It becomes your destiny"

-Lao Tzu

Stuck in your ways, stuck in your mind, so train your brain to take control of your actions. Use these 4 things to help you stick to your new good habits.

  1. Set a routine
  2. Create to-do list
  3. Set long and short-term goals
  4. Communicate and manage emotions and expectations efficiently

Apply these tips and you’ll be well on your way to creating and sticking to good habits.

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