Can you find the one through online dating?

Can you find the one through online dating?

By: Ebony Williams

IG: love_child84

Online dating has been the new millennial way of finding a special one.  It can be hit or miss and some people rave about their experiences, while I have wanted to scream because it just was not a good fit for me.

Out of the three sites I’ve tried (Tagged, Plenty of Fish, and Match) the best one that I connected with was They ask a series of compatibility questions that truly assist in the weeding out process which was very helpful. However, ladies don’t let anyone steer you away from what could potentially be something great coming your way.  There are enough couples meeting online to recommend it as a viable way to get your happily ever after.

If you consider online dating hear what others say and proceed with caution, because while attempting the online dating world all you have is a profile to go by.  The profile is there for you to assess that persons character from just seeing photos, how they interact with friends, how they dress etc.  While that can be scary thankfully there are some honest people out there that can give a little reassurance that it’s not that bad.  I say prepare yourself just as you would meeting someone at the grocery store, mall, lounge etc online dating is just as unpredictable. I believe if both parties are honest and upfront, have the same expectations, and use discernment and have the intentions to get to know them further offline then Houston we have a winner! 

Dating online is another great way to position you to get out there and potentially meet your future boo. It can be terrifying and exciting at the same time trust me I know but how will you ever know if you don’t try. Don’t let someone’s views of online dating stop you from pursuing, give love a chance you might just find it and you will be one of the success stories.  Let me leave a few sites for you below to help you get started in finding your Mr. Right good luck and remember have fun!

Dating Sites

  1. Match. Com- Match is the ultimate compatibility site. If you’re looking for longevity this is your site.
  2. Plenty of Fish- Plenty of fish is where you go if you’re exploring your options and trying to have fun in the process (Don’t waste your time if not your thing)
  3. Instagram- IG  has become the most forward way to approach dating you can see real time photos, IG live, and videos so say yes and slide in that DM!
  4. Christian Mingle- Christian Mingle focuses on helping Christian men and women find a loving, God –centered relationship built on mutual faith and love.


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  • Thank you for the read!!! Keep doing your thing!! I am proud of you.

    Phil Morgan

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