Business Cash Flow Gaps?

Posted by Toya Forbes

Photo: Pexels

We've found your solution! Imagine not waiting 30, 60, or 90 days to get paid from your clients. We have found a company that will purchase your outstanding invoices or provides your business with a purpose loan. Never have a late payment with your vendors again. Fundbox allows you to focus on your business and not your invoices. 

Fundbox has a clearing fee that is automatically set up based on your business health and specific invoice you want to clear. For example, let's say Sally owes you $1000 on her invoice, you will then receive the funds from FundBox and repay $46 over the next 12 weeks. It's practically a business lifeline. There is also an option to pay early if you like and all fees associated with your repayment plan will be waived. How awesome is that?

Funds arrive within the next business day to your account, so there's no hassle. The best part is it's FREE and easy to setup an account. So if you're having trouble meeting payroll, travel, or purchase new items for your business depending on where you run your business this is the perfect solution to quickly fill those cash flow gaps. Thank us later.