Boss up your circles -- 5 types of people to leave behind

Posted by Alaina Curry

As we grow out of certain habits to slay our goals and dreams, it is often difficult to realize that we may also be growing out of certain friendships. Not every person in our life is made to stay and some may just but placed for a season. But how can we identify those people before they distract us from purpose? Here are 5 types of people you should leave behind as you level up into the next part of your journey:

The Complainer Friend

Words are powerful and this friend instantly gets you thinking negative. They always look at the bad side of situations but never provide any solutions to solve them. Misery loves company and oftentimes The Complainer just wants someone to share it with. After awhile you may notice that you also begin to complain and become annoyed with everything.

The Attention Seeker

This friend has to be the center of the room no matter what. It is often hard for them to give compliments or genuinely celebrate others. They may make you feel bad for an accomplishment by always have to “out-do” you. Oftentimes, The Attention Seeker is struggling with their own insecurities that they cover up by being overly confident. Don’t let these type of people discourage you from your dreams.

The Complacent Friend

The Complacent is completely satisfied with where they are in life, with no plans to challenge themselves or strive for better. When you begin to want more and run toward bigger goals, it becomes easy for this friend to convince you that you are being unrealistic. Guard your heart and mind from these doubters when you are growing.

The Bad With Money Friend

Healthy finances are a huge part of making lasting boss moves and this friend will convince you to spend everything you have. They usually don’t understand the value of credit or investments and will make you feel bad about trying to transform yours. If you want to be at the top of your game you must have more financially smart leaders in your circle for encouragement and inspiration.

The Drama Queen Friend

This friend has every flavor of tea on everyone and will cause a scene in a minute. While it’s easy to engage in gossip and everyone’s business, it’s unhealthy when you are trying to advance in your career. Don’t let the drama of others distract you from your purpose.

You are the sum of the five closest friends to you and if these friends still play a major part in your life it may be time to step away. This doesn’t mean you have to completely eliminate them but it’s important to protect your energy as you are growing into everything you want to be.