Are You Standing Behind A Stagnant Man?

Are You Standing Behind A Stagnant Man?

By: Lindsey Cotton

Instagram: @lindsey_monique_

Are You Standing Behind A Stagnant Man?

No goals, no plans, no ambition and sometimes no job. But you love him, he is good to you, he helps with your kids, he listens.

He is stagnant though…

Sis, are you standing behind and supporting a man that has no drive and no ambition? A man that is just stuck and complains but makes no positive steps to change the situation he finds himself in. A man that stands in his unhappiness instead of making a path out of the madness. A man that only says what he wants to do but never takes any steps to act on it.

A common saying is you become the company that you keep.

When you are a woman with goals and ambitions that is trying to make boss moves in your life how will you ever move forward lagging behind the stagnant man? Stagnant men look for women that they know are going places, like riding your skirt tails to the other side. Dead weight kills any dream. As a boss woman making moves trying to have multiple sources of income, you need a man that is on that same level if not above. Having to drag someone along on the ride of life only slows you down. Love doesn't pay any bills and him serving good loving only leaves you laying in the wet spot. But a man making moves of his own is amongst the empire you could build together!!

Everyone has dreams but those dreams only get you so far if no steps are ever taken to achieve them. You can listen to the pillow talk every night about what he wants to do but in the morning you get up and are the only one working towards making a dream come true. That can lead to resentment and eventually parting ways. Sis, make that move and push on without that stagnant man. Wait for that King that is also making POWER MOVES not laying on the pillow selling you a dream.

Queens deserve KINGS and only kings are making the moves capable of matching your fly. Don’t let that stagnant man stifle or slow down your progress even if that empire has to be built as a single woman at least its being built and you don’t become stagnant yourself.


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  • Thank you soo much for posting this. I don’t think you understand how much you’ve just helped me with my decision.


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