All White Summer: My personal pledge to wear all white, all summer long

All White Summer: My personal pledge to wear all white, all summer long

By Stephanie McCloud

IG: @stephtakesflight

As I embarked on Memorial Day, I gave my moment of silence to all those fallen soldiers, and then I also realized that I want to take this day to be the beginning of a new journey for my life.

Have you ever felt that today starts the day I challenge myself to something new? Well, that day happened to be Memorial Day for me. As I was saging my house, I thought about how this is the day the white clothing comes out and Labor Day is the day white clothing goes away. This same day started the all-white party season. Get them linen pants ready, boo.

I thought about how significant wearing white meant. Brides wear white usually to convey their virginity, purity and innocence. While desert people have worn white for thousands of years because of the cooling factor the color radiates. This pre-civil war aristocrat fashion rule has trickled down for years with no real legitimacy. You know how that is. Like the old wise tales your grandma would say, and you know there are no facts to prove her wrong or right so you simply comply.

My personal pledge of wearing all white all summer will be a reflection of my inner cleanse of becoming these same characteristics of what wearing white embodies.  The white dove is not just the logo of your soap but it is a world symbol of beauty and grace. Wearing all white is said to promote peace, goodness, and cleanliness. This is why it’s the clothing provided at most baptisms. Wearing all white is not just spiritual, physicians wear their white coat as not just a uniform that protects them from outside germs, it symbolizes for them respect, professionalism, and trustworthiness. 

Just as a painter wearing all white, I will wear all white and still get the same stressors and drama plagues as any other woman does. But similar to the painter who deals with not only paint but stuff like plaster and spackle they wear white so those splotches don’t show, it just blends in. My all white wardrobe challenge for the summer is to do just that, not let any of the messiness show, just let it blend in.

“A painter in blue jeans is going to finish the day looking a lot messier than a painter in white”-Unknown

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