6 Steps To Creating a Subscription Box for Your Business

Posted by Virtual Assistant


Brand Subscription Boxes in 2017 will be a great way to market to your consumer base and new clients or customers. Here are a few tips and advice on how to create your brand subscription boxes right now!


Ponder on what products your business currently has that you are passionate about. What marketing materials do you already have that can be included in your boxes How does this product relate to your ideal customer’s lifestyle? How many will you start with? If you are a small business owner a good starting point to test and measure would be 50-100 boxes.


Price Point

Consider the cost of this product. Negotiate with your suppliers on payment for this product’s production.  Set your price point for your customer’s. Keep in mind low prices feel cheap in the customer’s view. Research the top industries in brand subscription boxes and compare them to your strategic plan. Thoroughly consider product margins.


Who or What does your ideal customer look like? Focus on the detailed specifics of your customer’s life style. Will your customer value this product? These are key aspects of building replicas of this ideal customer. This customer will brag to their friends about your products and recommend they opt in to your subscription process.


Consider new and innovative ways to market your boxes to different audiences. Social media is great way to get the word out and is quite cost effective. Use awesome stock images to market your boxes. This gives your campaign the best look, feel, and value of its contents.


What will your packaging look like? How will this affect your brand? What third party shipping service will you use to get your boxes to your customers? Consider the speed, insurance options, and quality of your third-party shipper. Create a checklist system for your staff to follow prior to your chosen delivery methods. SN: Keep profit margins in mind when choosing your third-party delivery service.

Potential Challenges

You can’t forget about the hiccups your brand boxes could potentially encounter. Create a policy on shipping returns. List common FAQ’s your customer may have on your website or subscription landing page. Is this entire process automated? Make sure your website is well programmed and easy to navigate. Good Luck!