5 Ways to help you learn to trust your intuition

5 Ways to help you learn to trust your intuition

By. Tiffany Nicol’e



We all get those gut feelings about something and usually ignore the hell out of them thinking that our mind knows best. Our mind is a crafty little bih and unbeknownst to us we easily trick ourselves. We have been there before…staying with the dude that we know ain’t shit, staying in the job we know ain’t shit, hanging out people we know ain’t shit, eating all the horrible food we know ain’t shit. You get my drift though. This is a constant battle because we never truly trust our own intuition and are afraid of the unknown. Switch your mind to be excited about the unknown versus the opposite. But since our brains are programmed to get into defense and survival mode when we venture into unfamiliar territory we think negative instead of positive. Still struggling? Follow these few tips:

  1. Meditate: I can’t stress this enough. A quick 5 minute meditation everyday can work wonders.
  2. Wet Ink: As a teacher, I’ve used this numerous times and I have done it at home. The object is to sit and write everything that comes to your mind and keep the ink on your paper by writing nonstop.
  3. Get Coached:  Social media is filled with so many woman who are entrepreneurs and they offer consulting and coaching to shift your mind and strengthen your soul.
  4. Find a Mastermind Group: It’s time to gravitate to like-minded individuals to ensure complacency and weakness do not exist.
  5. Drink More Water: So simple but so many of us don’t do this. This is the easiest way to detox which keeps you clear and open to understanding yourself.

Don’t let the toxicity of your surroundings tarnish what blessings are aligned for you. Learn to love your fears, they either make you or break you.


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