5 tips to Travel With Bae

5 tips to Travel With Bae

By: Ebony Williams

IG: @love_child84

Imagine summertime in Paris taking pictures in front of the Eiffel tower and kisses in front of The Avenue des Champs-Élysées. Traveling the world is exciting when you’re with your girls, family, etc. but traveling is even more spectacular when bae is around! There is nothing more romantic than spending time with the one you love outside of the four walls you two are used to. But I’m sure that there are a few nerves that are stirred up if it’s the first trip you two are taking together. However, that definitely shows that the relationship is moving into a great direction. 

Prior to the journey of traveling together with your significant other here is a few tips to help prepare yourselves for that first trip together.

Choose a destination desirable to

Create a wish list showing countries, states and cities you would like to visit, and your partner should also create one too. Purchase a nice notebook and fill it with all the places you wish to visit.

Check whether the destination offers what both of you want

As soon as you two have decided upon a destination you will visit look up the activities that both of you would enjoy doing together.

Plan thoroughly to avoid misunderstandings

When embarking on your travel journey to avoid misunderstandings with your babe talk about budgeting, activities, and cities or nature prior to leaving town. Be guided by the budget of the lowest income partner, so there is no hostility or pressure for one person to absorb all the pay. Set a budget for the trip so it is known how much you two will spend.


A relationship doesn’t work without compromising. Make sure you both agree on the hotel, restaurants, etc.

Try something new

Be open minded as a couple to whatever each other wants to do on vacation. Dive in and try new things as a couple!

Try a weekend vacation before a huge excursion so you can get a feel for how you and your honey will be around each other. And, remember to relax enjoy the planning of your getaway have a lot of fun, and be yourselves. Create memories that will last a lifetime that you will never forget with your babe!

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