3 rituals you NEED to take your business to the next level

3 rituals you NEED to take your business to the next level

By Tiffany Nicol’e


Spirituality is defined as the quality or fact of being spiritual, immaterial nature, or predominantly spiritual character as shown in thought, life, etc.; spiritual tendency or tone.

My simplified version is defined as being in tune with all levels of self. We as people are complex beings that have numerous levels to self. Lately, I have witnessed a rise in more people being ‘’woke’’ and becoming more conscious. Most are riding a wave of trends to fit in while others are genuinely learning more about themselves and understanding how the universe operates. One challenge I face is people misconstruing religion and spirituality as if one negates the other. That is far from being true because they work parallel with each other in search of one’s whole self.

So what does this have to do with your business you might ask? Everything.

My business is my baby, a birth from my mental womb and it’s nurtured until it’s able to flourish with little assistance. Just as I nurture, meditate, and pray over my son, I do the same for all of my business ventures. It is deeply rooted within me and I intertwine my religion and spirituality to manifest my destiny. I grew up in a Bahamian household where religion and spirituality played a major role in my upbringing and infused itself within my career aspirations as I grew.

I remember landing my first teaching job and my significant other bought a bottle of extra virgin olive oil, prayed over it, and sent it to me. In a ritualistic manner, I placed the oil above my door and on the back of the chairs for protection. I maintain rituals and ceremonies within my current work space, where I burn sage at least twice a week to remove any negative energy and to cleanse and purify the space. Our energy affects our work and productivity whether you believe or not. We control our energy and the thoughts that fuel our business from every ‘’thank you’’ we mumble after a sale or positive vibes we maintain when we strike new business deals. It all correlates to your own spirituality and belief system, which directly effects your coins.

If it never crossed your mind that the two tango tighter than Easter church shoes, here are three recommendations to assist your business spirituality:

  1. Watch The Secret on Netflix and take notes. I was introduced to this movie by a former colleague and I honestly watch it at least once every two weeks.
  2. Grab some sage, and smudge clean your space sis!!! I purchase from the health food store and light it up immediately throughout my home.
  3. Watch your tongue. Your business and brand is your baby. Positive vibes only, sis no matter what the present shows always walk by faith, not by sight.

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