Why some relationships just have to end

Why some relationships just have to end

By Stephanie McCloud

IG: @stephtakesflight

All Flowers Die…

“And all relationship ends”

Flowers are such an amazing living thing. Flowers are alive. Everything living will eventually die. It does not matter how beautiful they are, how many times they spread their seeds, how much sunlight they get, how much food and water they consume, or how well they are kept. They will die! I remember when my grandma uses to talk to her flowers and plants and sing to them, and they would sprout and grow all the way to the ceiling sometimes. My mom would always make her cut her a piece and she would repot it and it would last for a few weeks but eventually it would turn brown, shrivel up and die. She would get so frustrated until one day my grandmother gave her the whole plant. Needless to say, the plant died and all my grandma told my mom was all flowers die. I questioned it until as adult my boyfriend and I was given a plant by my grandmother as a housewarming gift. I did everything I was supposed to do, I even added the singing and love that I once saw my grandma do it still didn’t work. The flower died. I told my grandma expecting her to tell me all flowers must die as she once told my mom, but instead she said, “Don’t continue to water dead flowers.” A week later I broke up with my boyfriend. I thought grams was giving me lesson on botany but she was given me a lesson on love.

Flowers are symbolic to relationships. They will die eventually. Some last longer than others, but no matter who much you nurture it, it will eventually die. Even marriages die, and it comes with a warning, on your wedding day, they tell you, till death do us part.  This is why we must appreciate the bloom. How beautiful it was when it exceled with life. We must enjoy the moments of life; the everlasting memories, the relationships good and bad.

“I will not be another flower, picked for my beauty and left to die. I will be wild, difficult to find and impossible to forget.”- Erin Van Vuren.

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